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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Guess whos in New York ???

Do you know whos Thoth ? Do you know about the Emerald Tablets ! Atlantis ? Do you belive ? Well let me tell you something its teally happenning hes here amd its on New York ! 😘😘😘“

How do people start seeking Me? They stretch their arms to the sky and ask Me to enter as Light into them. In the same way I began working with you long ago. Recall the meditations awakening, latihan, spontaneous dance… It was Me who gave them to you! I became interested in you, Vladimir, at that time already!
“In this way, gradually, young shoots grew on the good soil prepared by Me for you. Other shoots appeared around; some of them withered…
“By now you have formed a group of mature and able souls, and I am beginning to make New Atlanteans of you! You may call yourselves so!
“Living in quietness became habitual for every one of you. I want you to realize that without this quality one cannot advance on the spiritual Path with great strides as you did.
“I bless you to continue your service to God! Receive My Love!”
“Tell us, do You have an immortal body as Adler does?”
“Yes, but it is not intended for incarnations on this continent. I recreate it from time to time among the Indians of North America.”
“Is Your body of Indian appearance?”
“The genotype of the body is not important, but the molecular structure is restored as it was.
“I visit that region quite often: I recreate the body for a short time — for a week, for ten days, for two days. I visit Indians with the purpose of telling them something.”
“Do these Indians live aloof — not in cities?”
“Yes, they live in reservations.”
“Why do You prefer that nation?”
“I did not mean anything like that. Every One of Us has no attachments to a particular nation. The choice is always dictated by the necessity against the background of Love for all.”
“Are there any mature (for receiving the higher knowledge) souls?”
Thoth shows a typical natural way of life of Indians: they live beside a lake; in the evening they sing tribal hymns specific to this land.
“These people are always in search for personal freedom. This tradition survived through centuries: seeking personal freedom — for oneself, for one’s tribe, for all people of the Earth! The problem is — how does one tell other people about this?”
Thoth shows an image of a tribe of about 800 people; some of them, including the chief, sit around a fire.
“They sit as you are doing now and listen to Me.
“I am always an Honored Guest among them.
“Indians can tell much to other people of the Earth. Unfortunately almost no one listens to them.
“… At present I can impart My knowledge in full to no one but to you. The broadness of the worldview, the deepness of the cognition of Me are most full in your case.
“This is why I entrusted you with the task of spiritual service on the Earth on behalf of Me.
“Every step in this important work has to be taken with My help, with the help of every One of Us. Realize the profound importance of this stage of your service on the Earth! You bear an enormous responsibility! And everything that you do has to be done responsibly, solemnly, and earnestly!
“Recall Atlantis. Now God sends to the Earth a similar project — restoration of ancient knowledge, the knowledge of the Atlanteans — through you, My dear! To Me, you are My small Atlantis!
“The intention of the Creator is to fill, to impregnate the people of the Earth with this knowledge — like a flooding river in spring!
“I suggest that you be constantly aware of your responsibility and of the importance of this task — the restoration of the ancient spiritual knowledge originating directly from the Creator!”
“Thoth, tell us please about Your life in Atlantis!”
“It was long ago, at the dawn of the civilization; modern people know almost nothing about this time.
“Atlantis! My beautiful Atlantis — My native land, where I was born and grew up!
“In that time, on the islands of Atlantis there lived a well advanced civilization. They had, for example, a system of water supply in buildings.
“The Atlanteans possessed also the true knowledge about the meaning of life: about advancement to God, to the Common Divine Source. The life of their society was based on these ideas. Teaching about the structure of the universe and the place of man in it, about how people’s destinies are formed and about the right way of living — all it was a natural, integral part of their educational system.
“The spiritual life of the Atlantean society was guided by highest initiates; they were conveyors of truths from God.
“The inhabitants of Atlantis were not gods but ordinary people, and their life was not carefree. Like other nations on the Earth they had to ‘plough and sow’. And they had most of the problems that any human society has.
“But the main virtue of the Atlantean civilization was the teachings about the true purpose of life accepted by the society as fundamental. And though the Atlanteans were mere mortals, there was a truly Divine component in their lives and views.
“… My learning began in one of the Atlantis’ spiritual schools. A very young man, I just began to discover for Myself this wonderful world.
“The process of initial learning took years. The students had to master, first of all, the basic skills of psychical self-regulation — i.e. the control of one’s own emotional states. In addition, they received broad theoretical material.
“This initial stage of learning was open almost for everyone, contrary to the higher stages. With the end of this stage, the majority of the students quitted the school; only a few were selected by the tutors for further learning. Thus the initial course served also the second purpose: with its help the tutors could find among many people promising souls capable of advancing further.
“I was one of such students: a young man striving for the higher levels of spiritual development demonstrated by the leaders of our society.
“But the selection for this learning was very strict. The aspirants were necessarily tested for steadfastness, resoluteness in their decision to go this Path. This testing period could last for years: until the aspirant proved, in the opinion of the tutors, the strength of his or her intent to sacrifice the worldly pleasures and attachments for the sake of this highest purpose. Only a few managed to pass this testing stage. They were accepted into the order of initiates and admitted to secret higher knowledge.”
“What happened to Atlantis?”
“It was destroyed according to Divine decision, because the positive development of the society ended and its degradation began.
“Thanks to its knowledge, the Atlantean civilization had a significant advantage over other nations of the Earth. There is no doubt that the Atlanteans, upon choosing the ‘evil’ path, would conquer other nations with time and establish their order, their philosophy among other people. This is why God decided to end the existence of this civilization.”
“Why did the positive development of the Atlanteans change to degradation?”
“As I have said already, the life of the society was guided by several people — the leaders among the initiates. Unfortunately, at some point they fall prey to the false feeling of their own omnipotence and perfection. They ceased to go the Path of renunciation of the individual ‘I’ for the sake of mergence with the Higher, United ‘I’. They reckoned that now they themselves could decide the destinies of people and the ways of the society’s development. They did not want to go further — to the Divine Perfection through refusal of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ — but having had achieved a certain height indulged in self-exaltation.
“As a result, the life of people lost the Divine component which gave them joy and inspiration for making efforts for the sake of the future Self-realization in God; their unity, based on selfless service to the great cause, was destroyed. Quarrels and squabbles began to occur often among them.
“Then the higher priests were deposed by a person who aspired for absolute power. He was interested only in gaining power by any means.
“And a society ruled by a predatory person produces other predators which begin to fight for the power.
“Thus Atlantis entered dark times and came eventually to destruction.”
“How did You avoid death?”
“My Teacher led Me away.
“God sent Me to Africa, where I lived for many years then. In the modern language, it can be called emigration — when one begins everything from scratch, begins a new life on a new place.
“I brought there an invaluable treasure — the spiritual knowledge of Atlantis.
“The tribes inhabiting those lands were to Me like children, to whom I had to show the path of the true development. They knew nothing about the Highest and were concerned only about their everyday needs.
“With the help of miracles I captured their attention and made them listen to Me. Soon they began to view Me as a leader, and I started to unite these tribes — so that they could live and act jointly, with the feeling of commonality, common interest. I imparted to them knowledge and technology which helped to improve their level of life and make it much better as compared to how they lived before.
“And with time, a state with well working structures was formed.
“But a state without a spiritual purpose uniting all people is of no value; it is like a beautiful shell devoid of life.
“After their union and initial development of the society, when people became less obsessed with concerns of providing themselves with food and shelter, I began shifting the emphasis in their minds to the ideas about the future life in the other world, where everyone goes to after the departure from the body.
“I described it to them as moving to a new world where they come to a new life. The well-being in this life is ensured by their merits accumulated in the life in this world. For example, they will be respected in that new world if here they earn the respect of the neighbors. In the other world they will be provided with everything if in this world they help other people to provide themselves. Good deeds in this life are fully repaid in this new life to come!
“It is easy to see that this idea of a new life, which one has to ensure by good deeds at present, worked not only in helping people to go to paradise after disembodiment, but also provided them with good karma for future incarnations.
“… I became the highest adviser among this nation but never elevated Myself over people.
“… As time passed, a natural formation of classes in that society began. The nobility appeared. And then I decided that My Mission was over and it was time to leave that land.
“I chose an heir to Me who was to remain after My departure — a wise and good man. I told people that now it is My turn to move to the new life — to the world where we receive the fruits of our earthly deeds.
“And one day I ‘shifted’ Myself from the material world — into My present World, into the Abode of Light.”
“Did You teach esoteric techniques to those people?”
“Of course, there were some chosen whom I taught. I also taught people the art of healing.”
“Thoth, tell us please what valuable ideas can modern people find in ancient alchemy?”
“There is not much sense in trying to unravel the meaning of the ancient alchemical texts with the mind. The point here is not in the proportion of substances or composition of mixtures, not in the technology of producing the ‘philosopher’s stone’ and gold. One needs to look deeper.
“The alchemical secrets of control over matter, including its transformation, were known to the Great Initiates. But more important is that They had the higher secret knowledge about the structure of the universe and about the Creator of everything existing.
“The outer, material side of alchemy is nothing but a veil hiding the true Knowledge about the Highest from unworthy people. This Knowledge was the basis of all the alchemical wisdom.”
“Did You possess this alchemical knowledge in full?”
“Actually, I was the founder of this direction of spiritual development. Unfortunately it degraded with time and was reduced to useless manipulations with chemical substances.”
“What is the ‘philosopher’s stone’?”
“It is very simple. The ‘philosopher’s stone’ is produced when you, in the process of working on yourself, grind ‘in mortar’ your lower self, while all the Higher Knowledge, which you receive, you test by experience and accept as your own. Then it becomes Higher Wisdom and a strong base — that ‘philosopher’s stone’ on which one can construct the entire building of Divine Beingness.”
“What is the ‘alchemical gold’?”
“It is the adept’s consciousness that has to turn into the Highest Gold with the help of the ‘philosopher’s stone’: the developed and subtle consciousness has to shine with goldish Light, similar to the light of the morning sun. Then such a consciousness can infuse into the Great Central ‘Sun’ — into the Creator of the entire universe, merge with Him and attain the Immortality, Bliss, Calm, and full Freedom!”
“Will You tell us about Your higher methods of work with consciousness?”
“It is not necessary. You know now that the higher Initiations are given by Divine Teachers only to those ready for this. And all preparatory stages are described clearly and fully in your books and films. We are all glad looking at the fruits of Our common work! The only pity is that so few people can understand and appreciate it now…”
“Where did You incarnate after Egypt?”
“In Assyria.
“In a certain sense, it was even pleasant ‘to wear the flesh’ again, to come again to the ‘dense’ world — now with full awareness of My Divinity.
“Sun was the symbol of the Divine to that nation. The goldish shining and purity of the morning sun are remarkable qualities for attuning to them and refining the soul! What qualities should represent a symbol of the Divine if not the qualities of the ideal that souls may aspire to?
“And such qualities are represented by the image of the morning sun: its perfect, unstained purity inside and its shining with the inner light to the world outside, without dividing it on those to whom I want to give my light and on those to whom I do not want to give it. The absence of such a division originating from sympathies and antipathies of the individual self is also one of the qualities of the Divine.
“I was not a great leader among the people of that land. I accepted another role and ‘put on the dress of a priest’ — to have the possibility to tell people — brightly and openly — about Divinity.
“… There was also Alexandria — My favorite city; I looked after it. In this city I formed a new culture for the future civilization. I collected there bright minds of that time, formed an atmosphere for exchange of ideas, for intellectual search. It was My ‘project’.
“Many scholars from various countries gathered there. And quite naturally they wanted to tell about their new discoveries and ideas, to learn the views of others. Such communication and the spirit of scientific community worked as a powerful catalyst for the development of knowledge. One may say that it was a very early prototype of future international scientific organizations.
“The intellectual aspect of the soul’s development is very important indeed!
“The growth of a soul is determined, first of all, by soul’s accumulating information about everything that surrounds it. In other words, the soul develops through cognition. Thanks to its separateness, the soul can look at the rest of the Absolute and cognize it — and through this it cognizes Me.
“Thus, by reproducing in itself the outer the soul, in essence, reproduces in itself the image of the multidimensional universe.
“Then it comes to full Mergence.
“Thus a great number of individualities infuse into the One and Whole Awareness of My Infinite Greatness.
“Hence the driving force behind all the development is the inner impulse to cognition.”

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