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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Abuse is Child Abuse

Every day families are separated and children are sent to live with complete strangers in our governments foster care system.  This is largely due to inadequately written laws that judges follow when making their orders on the temporary and permanent placement of America’s children.   It is a fact that huge profits are made off of America’s children when are separated from their biological families.  All paid for by you, the taxpayer.  No one makes a dime when a child is happy and living with biological families.  

by virtue of our united efforts in protest, will prove to our government by our vast numbers of protesters nation wide, that we will not wait one more year for reformation of the family courts, children’s services and the foster care system that is long overdue.  

We will not continue to allow the separation and destruction of our American families for profit.   Reformation will verifiably save trillions of our hard earned tax dollars and assist the government deficit simultaneously.   We have the solution that is a win-win for America’s children, families and the government budget.   

·        Child Protective Services aka; CPS/ DHS / DFS/DSS/Foster Care and Adoption Services

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