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Sunday, January 29, 2012


WELL PEOPLE I HAV AN APARTMENT An not only play with my life because a shot circuit on the electricity it is full of  RATS .Yes rats ...mouses like Mickey Mouse but for real...It is a great location in Orlando Fl a great view with a Beautiful lake in front close to n408 and Downtown...The perfect location. But they have yhis problens with rats and its under new managment butttt they doesnt want to wark wi the people who live thereb specially if u are hispanic cuz the new manager its a red neck but she can kiss my ASS.jUST BECAUSE I LIKE THE LOCATION AND THE MAINANCE GUYS ARE SUPER PLUS  the lady who answer y da phone and give face for the assholes responsibles for this.I do decide to stay there caught some rats mainance cover the hole where rats can come but they are inside the building already and lol my neighbot call office for a rat and they do kill the rant and gave her a cat to avoid the rats coming to da aparten wondering who will pay for the cat litter n food.Anyways another neighbor that dang this guy really looks great yummy yummy...awww anyways he catch some rats too...The reaso i want to stay was me n my neighbors decide we gonna dissapear the rats and let them call an electician for me but noooo.Michelle the manager didnt accept my nmoney.i owe the two months rent that i was holding the money and waiting the problem to b fix.But nothjjing...wait wait n wait....I mean who wanna pay for an apartment infected of rATS ...yo know u will call health departmen..Well this bitch didnt want to accept my money she state she doesnat want me there just because i send my son to da office with 3 rats we caught ...And let her know i will move my but and let the state know she doesnt want to fix for me...She went to my apartment to tell me to take the trash out and i xplain her my dorctot didnt want me walking alone for my illness and she was like i dont care...i explain her about the rats an offer to pay the money i owe plus one more month.she say i don want ur money n i was do u want me to leave ???Gimme a reason on paper with the reasons why u dont want me there.But nothing she say she evicted me just because she can and even having all the money on my hands she didnt accept it cuz she think i will stay quiet on this situation who have poor people living in unsanitary conditios paying rent month by month...Poor people my question wheres DCF here why the sttate dont do nothing..Are we going to keep tolerating this ??? Not me baby Honey Boo the world will know about ur insensibility and u will lear to respect spanish people...Tan Tan Chuleria !!!WOODLAKE VILLAS APARMENTS...ORLANDO FL LAKEUNDERHILL AND CONWAY ...

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